◆ 600W DC motor with peak power 2000W

◆ On/off & reverse funtion

◆ Output:1.6kg per min at least

◆ Power indicator illuminated in blue on buttons

◆ With handle & discs storage box on main body

◆ Chromed decoration around buttons

◆ With cutting discs and blade

◆ With sausage, kebab maker and pusher

◆ Shredding/slicing set optional

It has an output of 1.6 kg/min and function for preparing sausages and 

meatballs and optional shredding and slicing.The powerful meat grinder 

features a storage compartment to keep blade and 3pcs grinding discs 

and stow them away easily after use.

Model No. Power

Recommended Products

Model No.PowerRotary switch panel illuminated in blue is optional
HAT-9816CL600WWith blue light
HAT-9816DL700WWith blue light
HAT-9816C600WWithout blue light
HAT-9816D700WWithout blue light